BD Apprentice Programs
at C-Dar Lodge Farm

Apprenticeship in biodynamic preparation making

This course lasts one year (min) on a 20 acre mixed farm near Squamish BC.
You will learn how to make biodynamic preparations as indicated in Dr. Rudolf Steiner's Agriculture course. Compost making, soil healing, all kinds of gardening work, collecting of healing plants, forestry work, and cow husbandry, stable work, soil analysis, irrigation and watering fields and much more are included. Apprenticeship includes room and board. Ask us about our probation period and stipend arrangements. Contact:

Lodge Woofing

Application Form

Our nursery, our forests, gardens and fields are all managed Bio-Dynamically.

C-Dar Lodge Farm is a training facility. We train Biodynamic Agriculture Students or Students interested in BD Farming method(s).

The depth of a BD Students’ training will depend upon the length of his/her stay with us. In general a commitment of the time span of two months is an absolute minimum.

The Biodynamic Farming Method(s) encompass a great variety of philosophical- and physical (gardening, farming, hot-and green-housing etc.) aspects. It is well known that Dr. Rudolf Steiner’s Farming and Gardening Course is being interpreted in a multitude of ways. In the meantime, many students, farmers, gardeners, doctors and ‘professors’ have tried their hands on what Dr. R. Steiner has indicated – with a variety of results. But, it can be said that anybody who has practically worked with Dr. R. Steiner’s ideas has greatly benefited.

All Biodynamic Preparations (and additional Preparations that are closely connected with BD) are made on the farm and are stored in a specially made storage cellar. As a WWOOFer you will, from time to time, work in the preparation cellar or storage facilities or are invited to make BD Preparations. You may be collecting the ingredients such as Dandelion, Yarrow, Chamomile etc. or you may be excavating a hole in the ground in which the preparation is introduced in order to ferment or ‘hibernate’, for a year or less.

We do make sure that a BD Students work is versatile and it may change from day to day.

Some BD Students do work with us for a period of two months whereas others have stayed up to one year. We are prepared to work with a BD Studient for the period of a year during which time she or he can obtain a rather comprehensive idea on Biodynamics. For further training you may wish to enroll at a College such as Emerson College (England). Consult our LINKS.

It is self-understood that a WWOOFer who has farming experience can be introduced to Biodynamics at a (relatively) faster pace than a person who has never worked on a farm. This should be kept in mind when applying for a WWOOFer position.

We often discuss the life cycle of plants (at the farm), the birthing details of a cow, insemination, slaughtering, seeding of trees, the harvesting of crops, details on making composts and so forth. People who have grown up off the land may not necessarily know such subjects.

When you apply for a position at C-Dar Lodge Farm please take the time to fill in the application form carefully. Our team will evaluate your Application and will make a decision whether or not you can be accepted at C-Dar Lodge Farm. We may phone you if we have questions OR you may be accepted without further examination.

IF you are a specialist in a specific field: Mechanic, Stone Mason, Gardener, Carpenter, Soil Scientist etc. please DO indicate this on your Application form. We are, at times, able to accommodate BD Students with special skills and may be able to financially compensate them for their work (barn building, scientific research, engine repair, etc.)

We recommend that you do some Biodynamic reading before you join us. Dr. R. Steiner’s Agricultural Course is a rather involved and demanding book filled with series of lectures and may not be easily understood WITHOUT guidance. However, Secrets of the Soil (and related literature) can give you a broad overview on what we are doing here. Please consult our RESOURCES.

BD Students are mainly working with farming and gardening tools. We do not believe that BD Students should operate heavy machinery or any dangerous tools such as chain saws, etc.

We have a small lab at C-Dar Lodge Farm in which you may be able to do some soil- or compost research at your leisure. We have a large library for your perusal.

Our working hours are, generally, from 8 am – 5 pm with two hours for lunch and relax time. Saturdays and Sundays are free. You may wish to go to Vancouver and return on Sunday night – if the work at C-Dar Lodge Farm pleases you………We pick you up.

In most cases you have your own room or, at times, you may have to share your room with a maximum of three additional BD Students, (male and female BD Students have their own quarters). Long term BD Students get their own room. Shower room and other washroom facilities are available and are modern and are kept at the highest standard of cleanliness.