C-Dar Lodge Farm

C-Dar Biodynamic Society is connected with and currently based at C-Dar Lodge Farm, a 20-acre biodynamic demonstration farm in Paradise Valley, British Columbia (15km north of Squamish). Ferdinand Vondruska, founder of the Society, established his Biodynamic lifestyle here in 1985. 

C-Dar Biodynamic Society carries forward the biodynamic preparation-making research and education work that Ferdinand initiated at C-Dar Lodge Farm.
The farm serves as the experiential learning site for courses and workshops hosted by the Society.  Enlivening preparations for soil, plants and compost have been produced and applied on the farm since 1985. The livestock on the farm play an important role in providing manure for the compost and preparations used for the soils.

Farm/Garden Tours by Appointment
Experience first-hand this demonstration of sustainable and holistic agriculture. Educational/interpretive guided tours are available for individuals, small groups, schools and others.

Please phone (604) 898-9101 for pricing details and to register.

Email: info@cdarbiodynamic.org