Bio-Dynamic Preparations

Below are brief descriptions of each preparation:

500 Horn Manure. Stimulates root growth in plants.

501 Horn Crystal. Stimulates photosynthesis and structural strength of plants.

502 Yarrow Preparation. Enhances the plant’s ability to absorb Potassium in a balanced manner. Enables the soil to absorb and retain fine doses of silicic acid. Aids in the formation of quality plant protein.

503 Chamomile Preparation. Works on calcium and potash and supports plant heath. Stabilizes nitrogen content of compost. Stimulates plant growth.

504 Stinging Nettle Preparation. Enhances the plant’s ability to absorb Iron. Helps adapt the soil to the particular plants growing in it.This preparation has a particular relationship to rhythm.

505 Oak Bark Preparation. Enhances the plant’s ability to absorb Calcium from the surrounding soil. When added to compost, provides strength to prevent and arrest harmful plant diseases.

506 Dandelion Preparation. Supports the plant’s ability to absorb Silica from the surrounding environment and brings it into a balance relationship with calcium.

507 Valerian Preparation. Enhances the plant’s ability to absorb Phosphorus in a balanced manner. Provides the compost and soil a protective skin.

508 Horsetail Preparation. Prepared directly from Equisetum Arvense (in full growth), is used to prevent and treat fungal imbalances. Enhances the plant’s ability to work with Silica.

509 Barrel Compost. This is a combination of preparations 502 – 507. Barrel Compost (BC) can support a balanced decompositions process over large areas (grazing fields, in stables). The BC reduces smells (e.g. from manure) and helps to retain nitrogen and other soil ingredients.

Tree Paste. This will help to rejuvenate a tree’s cambium and resistance to the attack of fungi, insect and beetles. This Preparation is a mix of Casein, Silica (water glass), Clay and cow manure.

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