C-Dar BD Students Application Form

C-Dar Bio-Dynamic society welcome BD Studients whose English language skills include agricultural/farm terms. Applicants should be "willing workers" and sufficiently self-motivated to carry out tasks responsibly once they have been assigned.

* First Name
* Last Name
* Home Address
* Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
* Citizenship
* Gender
Telephone Number
* E Mail Address
Drivers License
Non Canadian Resident Travel Insurance
Insurance Company Name and Policy Number
Date and Duration of Policy
* Expected Date of Arrival
* Intended Length of Stay
Foreign Languages
Food Restrictions
Basic Experience and Skills?
Organic Farming or Gardening Experience?
Bio Dynamic Knowledge and Experience?
Have You Worked with Animals?
What Were Your Responsibilities?
What Farm Equipment and Machinery Can You Opperate?
Are You Able to do Tasks That Include: Lifting, Shoveling, Raking, Hoeing...?
What Domestic Skills Do You Have: Cooking, Baking, Pickling, Typing...?
Can You Ride: Horses, Bicycles...?
Do You Play Any Musical Instruments?
Please carefully fill in the form in all details; do not omit any box.
Applicants are selected according to skills and interest on Biodynamic farming and gardening method.