About Us

C-Dar Biodynamic Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to ecological and economically sustainable soil management as guided by the principles of biodynamic agriculture. The Society’s focus is the study, production and application of biodynamic preparations and composts for restoring and nurturing fields, forests and gardens, to grow the highest quality food and products for public use.

Through our education programs, we introduce people to the philosophy and practice of biodynamic agriculture. We offer workshops, short courses, apprenticeships, wwoofing and volunteer opportunities. Courses are held at C-Dar Lodge Farm, a 20 acre biodynamic demonstration farm in Paradise Valley, British Columbia (15km north of Squamish). Lead instructor Ferdinand Vondruska has over 30 years experience studying, teaching and practicing biodynamics. We engage all aspects of the human being and draw upon each individual’s innate curiosity.

A longer term goal is the establishment of a 1-2 year accredited training program in Biodynamic Agriculture.

We seek to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds who care about the future of Earth and humanity. This includes home gardeners, farmers, foresters, land managers, naturalists and others worldwide.

C-Dar Biodynamic Society supports the creation and strengthening of community by inspiring people to reconnect with earth, food and each other. We provide opportunites for people to come together and experience a healthy, natural working farm – thereby inspiring a new culture of agriculture and the next generation of farmers and gardeners.